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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
11263RUBIACEAE Neonauclea zeylanicaWoodSri LankaWoodHerb. KewWorthington JB
11264RUBIACEAE Neonauclea zeylanicaWoodSri LankaWoodHerb. KewWorthington JB
11265RUBIACEAE Neonauclea spWoodSolomon IslandsWoodHerbarium Australiense CSIRO
11266RUBIACEAE Neonauclea spWoodWoodHerb. KewKostermans A
11268RUBIACEAE Neonauclea spWoodWoodBoswezen
22477RUBIACEAE Neonauclea calycinaWoodMalaysiaWoodPhyt. Surv. Mal. Herb.
53774RUBIACEAE Neonauclea spBarkIndonesiaBarkForman LL
74628RUBIACEAE Neonauclea artocarpoideswood & barkBruneiwood & barkDr Ken Ogata
91046RUBIACEAE Neonauclea spWood and barkMalaysiaWood and barkJones BLJones BL
91269RUBIACEAE Neonauclea calycinaWoodIndonesiaWoodBoothFPRI Bogor

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