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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
26700NYMPHAEACEAE Nelumbo nuciferaBase of laminaEgyptBase of laminaMartin GT et alMartin GT
39967NYMPHAEACEAE Nelumbo nuciferaSeedSeedBM (Nat Hist)
41194 NYMPHAEACEAE Nelumbo luteaSeedsUnited StatesSeedsGray Dr Asa
41195 NYMPHAEACEAE Nelumbo luteaFruitJamaicaFruit
41196NYMPHAEACEAE Nelumbo nuciferaFruits of LotusFruits of Lotus
41197NYMPHAEACEAE Nelumbo nuciferaSeedsAustraliaSeedsInternational Exhib
41198NYMPHAEACEAE Nelumbo nuciferaWhite Lotus NutsChinaWhite Lotus NutsStorey J (Miss) SEPASAT
41199NYMPHAEACEAE Nelumbo nuciferaSeedsSeedsIndia Museum
41200 NYMPHAEACEAE Nelumbo nuciferaNecklace made from seedsIndiaNecklace made from seedsMadden Major
41201NYMPHAEACEAE Nelumbo nuciferaLotus NutsChinaLotus Nuts

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