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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
9959MYRTACEAE Metrosideros robustaWoodNew ZealandWoodPierpont FH
9963MYRTACEAE Metrosideros tomentosaWoodNew ZealandWoodGillman E
9977MYRTACEAE Metrosideros eugenioidesWoodWoodHerbarium Australiense CSIROHoogland RD, Craven LA
9978MYRTACEAE Metrosideros collinaWoodUnited StatesWoodBernice P Bishop Museum
9979MYRTACEAE Metrosideros buxifoliaWoodNew ZealandWood
9980MYRTACEAE Metrosideros collinaWoodUnited StatesWood
9981MYRTACEAE Metrosideros polymorphaWoodFijiWoodMead JP, Flora of Fiji
9982MYRTACEAE Metrosideros floribundaWoodWoodBrown RCaley
9983MYRTACEAE Metrosideros nigroviridisWoodIndonesiaWoodLeidenBoswezen
9984MYRTACEAE Metrosideros robustaWoodNew ZealandWoodGunn R

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