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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
26315PALMAE Manicaria sacciferaPortion of stemBrazilPortion of stemTrail JWH
35868 PALMAE Manicaria sacciferaFruitsFruitsTrail JWH
35869PALMAE Manicaria sacciferaFruitsTrinidad and TobagoFruitsHill Dr AW
35870PALMAE Manicaria sacciferaFruitsGuatemalaFruitsSutton Hayes
35875 PALMAE Manicaria sacciferaSpatheSpatheIde & Christie Messrs
35887PALMAE Manicaria sacciferaSpadixBelizeSpadixTravers B
35888PALMAE Manicaria sacciferaSpadixSpadixTrail Dr JWH
35890PALMAE Manicaria sacciferaSpadix and SpathesGuyanaSpadix and SpathesBoughton EG
35891 PALMAE Manicaria sacciferaSpadix of Comfra PalmBelizeSpadix of Comfra PalmTravers B
35913PALMAE Manicaria sacciferaFruitsGuyanaFruitsJenman GS

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