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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
11779MYRSINACEAE Maesa chisiaWoodIndiaWoodIndian Forest Dept.
11780MYRSINACEAE Maesa indicaWoodWoodRidley HN
11781MYRSINACEAE Maesa indicaWoodBurmaWoodConservator of Forests, Rangoon
11782 MYRSINACEAE Maesa lanceolataWoodSouth AfricaWoodHowes FN
11783MYRSINACEAE Maesa lanceolataWoodWoodSwynnerton CFM
11784MYRSINACEAE Maesa lanceolataWoodWoodSwynnerton CFM
11785MYRSINACEAE Maesa lanceolataWoodRwandaWoodBridson DM, Projet Pilote Forestier
11786MYRSINACEAE Maesa ramataceaWoodMalaysiaWoodCarrick John
11787MYRSINACEAE Maesa ramentaceaWoodMalaysiaWoodCarrick J
11788MYRSINACEAE Maesa rufescensWoodSouth AfricaWoodHowes FN

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