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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
34366CYPERACEAE Lepironia mucronataPlantsChinaPlantsHance Dr
34372CYPERACEAE Lepironia mucronataPortion of matHong KongPortion of matFord C
34373CYPERACEAE Lepironia mucronataFlattened culmsChinaFlattened culmsHance Dr
34375CYPERACEAE Lepironia mucronataBed matChinaBed matHance Dr
98227CYPERACEAE Lepironia articulataMan's hatMadagascarMan's hatDransfield, John; Dransfield, JatmiDransfield, John; Dransfield, Jatmi
99401 CYPERACEAE Lepironia articulataRice drying matMadagascarRice drying matGardiner, LaurenGardiner, Lauren
99402 CYPERACEAE Lepironia articulataUnfinished rice drying matMadagascarUnfinished rice drying matGardiner, LaurenGardiner, Lauren
99436CYPERACEAE Lepironia articulataBundle of tape woven from PenjaMadagascarBundle of tape woven from PenjaGardiner, LaurenGardiner, Lauren
99439CYPERACEAE Lepironia articulataPenja basket - medium sizeMadagascarPenja basket - medium sizeGardiner, LaurenGardiner, Lauren
99440CYPERACEAE Lepironia articulataPenja basket - small sizeMadagascarPenja basket - small sizeGardiner, LaurenGardiner, Lauren

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