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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
15353THYMELAEACEAE Lagetta linteariaWoodJamaicaWoodWilson N
15354THYMELAEACEAE Lagetta linteariaWoodJamaicaWoodBM (Nat. Hist.)
15355THYMELAEACEAE Lagetta linteariaWoodJamaicaWoodBM (Nat. Hist.)
24906THYMELAEACEAE Lagetta linteariaWoodJamaicaWoodMarch
30892 THYMELAEACEAE Lagetta lagettoFan/mats of Lacebark/Aloe/fern frondsFan/mats of Lacebark/Aloe/fern frondsGalley Blackley Mrs
44936THYMELAEACEAE Lagetta linteariaPaper from Lace BarkJamaicaPaper from Lace BarkRoutledge
44939THYMELAEACEAE Lagetta linteariaBonnetBonnet
44940 THYMELAEACEAE Lagetta linteariaCap ornamented with seedsJamaicaCap ornamented with seedsWilson N
44944THYMELAEACEAE Lagetta linteariaLeavesJamaicaLeaves
44945THYMELAEACEAE Lagetta linteariaArticles of Lace BarkJamaicaArticles of Lace BarkCrewe Miss

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