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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
29514MARANTACEAE Ischnosiphon aroumaCassava strainerGuyanaCassava strainerBell Miss
29515MARANTACEAE Ischnosiphon aroumaToyGuadaloupeToyCourtnay Bell & Co Messrs
37404MARANTACEAE Ischnosiphon aroumaFlower StalksDominicaFlower StalksNicholls Dr
73339 MARANTACEAE Ischnosiphon aroumaWoven plate / basket for foodBrazilWoven plate / basket for foodMilliken William
73340 MARANTACEAE Ischnosiphon aroumaSieve for cassavaBrazilSieve for cassavaMilliken William
73506MARANTACEAE Ischnosiphon obliquusPannier for produceBrazilPannier for producePrance Prof
90141MARANTACEAE Ischnosiphon gracilisWood and barkBrazilWood and barkThomas WW, Amorim A, Gasson PE, Sant'Ana SC, Parren M
98028MARANTACEAE Ischnosiphon aroumaWarishi [back pack]GuyanaWarishi [back pack]Edwards, PeterGeorge, Irvin
98101MARANTACEAE Ischnosiphon aroumaGuyanaEdwards, Peter
98180MARANTACEAE Ischnosiphon aroumaCassava strainer (Tipiti)BrazilCassava strainer (Tipiti)Johnson, KayTritton, Linda

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