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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
761FLACOURTIACEAE Idesia polycarpaWoodUnited KingdomWoodWakehurst Place
22082MYRTACEAE Gomidesia anacardiaefoliaWoodBrazilWoodReitz, Klein
75210MYRTACEAE Gomidesia affiniswoodBrazilwoodLindeman &H. Horreus de Haas
75211MYRTACEAE Gomidesia affiniswood and barkBrazilwood and barkLindeman & H. Horreus de Haas
75213MYRTACEAE Gomidesia anacardiaefoliawoodBrazilwoodReitz
75214MYRTACEAE Gomidesia tijucensiswood and barkBrazilwood and barkHatschbach,Lindeman, de Haas
75215MYRTACEAE Gomidesia sellowianawood and barkBrazilwood and barkJ. Mattos Filho IBSP
75216MYRTACEAE Gomidesia anacardiaefoliawoodBrazilwoodReitz
75217MYRTACEAE Gomidesia sellowianawood and barkBrazilwood and barkLindeman & de Haas
90867MYRTACEAE Gomidesia fenzleyanaBark and woodBrazilBark and woodGasson PProjeto Chapada Diamantina

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