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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
26289PALMAE Hyphaene ventricosaWoodAngolaWoodRoyal African MuseumDechamps R, Murta F, Silva De M et
26294PALMAE Hyphaene thebaicaWoodEgyptWoodMurray Hon EA
26634PALMAE Hyphaene thebaicaFruitEgyptFruitHaworth JesseFlinders Petrie W
26635PALMAE Hyphaene thebaicaFruitEgyptFruitCalvert HH
26636PALMAE Hyphaene thebaicaFruitEgyptFruitEgypt. Explor. Exped.
26637PALMAE Hyphaene thebaicaFruitEgyptFruitMartin Dr GT et al
26652PALMAE Hyphaene argunFruitEgyptFruitCalvert HH
26653PALMAE Hyphaene thebaicaBroken kernels of Doum palmEgyptBroken kernels of Doum palmFlinders Petrie W
26654 PALMAE Hyphaene thebaicaEgyptEgypt Exploration Society
35678PALMAE Hyphaene thebaicaPoudre d'amande d'afriquePoudre d'amande d'afriquePerchat Madame

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