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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
39689CANNABACEAE Humulus lupulusSeedSeedGaut RG
42112CANNABACEAE Humulus lupulusFruitFruitPharm Soc GB
42139CANNABACEAE Humulus lupulusFarnham HopsFarnham HopsPharm Soc GB
42276CANNABACEAE Humulus lupulusLupulinLupulinPharm Soc GB
43470CANNABACEAE Humulus spCaterpillars which live on HopsCaterpillars which live on Hops
43471CANNABACEAE Humulus lupulusHopsUnited KingdomHopsLord JW
43473CANNABACEAE Humulus lupulusFlowering branch of HopsUnited KingdomFlowering branch of HopsLord JW
43474CANNABACEAE Humulus lupulusSeeds of HopSeeds of HopLawson's Collection
43475CANNABACEAE Humulus lupulusPaper made from Hop binesPaper made from Hop binesHanbury D
43476CANNABACEAE Humulus lupulusExtract of HopsGermanyExtract of HopsOgilvie RA

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