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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
26506MALVACEAE Gossypium spAncient cotton fabricSudanAncient cotton fabricKhartoum Museum
26833MALVACEAE Gossypium spCotton cloth from the Tombs, AntioquiaColombiaCotton cloth from the Tombs, AntioquiaJervis WR
26834MALVACEAE Gossypium spCloth from graves of ancient PeruviansPeruCloth from graves of ancient PeruviansLinnean Soc.
39093MALVACEAE Gossypium spSeedIndiaSeed
39094MALVACEAE Gossypium spSeedSaint Vincent and The GrenadinesSeedSt Vincent Exp Stn
40679MALVACEAE Gossypium barbadenseCotton textile from tombsColombiaCotton textile from tombs
55438MALVACEAE Gossypium spCotton yarnCotton yarnFranco-British Exhibition 1908
55441MALVACEAE Gossypium spCotton clothMaltaCotton clothCollins JB
55442MALVACEAE Gossypium spPillow-slip made of cottonIndiaPillow-slip made of cottonMoorat Mrs MAC
55443MALVACEAE Gossypium sspFour varieties of cottonFour varieties of cotton

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