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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
42260URTICACEAE Girardinia palmataHerbHerbPharm Soc GB
43700 URTICACEAE Girardinia palmataFibrous barkIndiaFibrous barkProudlock RL
43701 URTICACEAE Girardinia heterophyllaCloth prepared from FibreIndiaCloth prepared from FibreHooker Sir JD
43702 URTICACEAE Girardinia palmataFibreIndiaFibreHannay Major
43704URTICACEAE Girardinia palmataFibreIndiaFibreIndia Museum
43706 URTICACEAE Girardinia palmataFibreFibreCross & Bevan (Prepared by)
43712URTICACEAE Girardinia heterophyllaFibre and CordageIndiaFibre and CordageHannay Major
43713URTICACEAE Girardinia palmataFibreIndiaFibreGovt Botanic Gardens, Nilgiris
43715URTICACEAE Girardinia heterophyllaTowTow
69694URTICACEAE Girardinia spBark and cloth samplesNepalBark and cloth samplesDunmore Mrs Susie

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