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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
24144PANDACEAE Freycinetia angustifoliaWoodMalaysiaWoodDept. of Chem. Univ. of MalayaT. & P.
26361PANDANACEAE Freycinetia spWoodMalaysiaWoodInter. Forestry Exhib. Edinburgh 1884
34741PANDANACEAE Freycinetia spLeavesSamoaLeavesPowell Rev T
34742PANDANACEAE Freycinetia bauerianaFlower headsNorfolk IslandFlower headsHooker Dr
36077PANDANACEAE Freycinetia banksiiLeafLeafBotany Dept. British Museum
72595PANDANACEAE Freycinetia banksiiSpadix & FoliageUnited KingdomSpadix & Foliage
72608PANDANACEAE Freycinetia banksiiSpadix and FoliageUnited KingdomSpadix and Foliage

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