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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
19186CUPRESSACEAE Fokienia hodginsiiWoodUnited KingdomWood
19187CUPRESSACEAE Fokienia hodginsiiWoodChinaWoodHodgins Capt. AE
19188CUPRESSACEAE Fokienia hodginsiiWoodWoodHM Counsul General, Saigon
19189CUPRESSACEAE Fokienia hodginsiiWoodChinaWoodHodgins Capt. AE
25090CUPRESSACEAE Fokienia hodginsiiWoodWoodH.M. Consul General, Saigon
28765CUPRESSACEAE Fokienia hodginsiiConesUnited KingdomConesRaffill CP
28766CUPRESSACEAE Fokienia hodginsiiConesChinaConesHodgins Capt AE
28767CUPRESSACEAE Fokienia hodginsiiConesChinaConesHodgins AE
28768CUPRESSACEAE Fokienia hodginsiiOil of PehmouOil of PehmouHM Consul General, Saigon
100508CUPRESSACEAE Fokienia hodginsiiWoodWoodCrow, Richard

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