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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
54599CUCURBITACEAE Fevillea cordifoliaSeed and seed caseColombiaSeed and seed caseDawe MT
54600CUCURBITACEAE Fevillea cordifoliaSeedsJamaicaSeedsBritish Empire Exhib
54601CUCURBITACEAE Fevillea cordifoliaSeedsSeedsSpruce, RichardSpruce, Richard
54602CUCURBITACEAE Fevillea cordifoliaSeedsJamaicaSeedsMorris Sir D
54603CUCURBITACEAE Fevillea spSeedsBrazilSeedsImperial Institute
54604CUCURBITACEAE Fevillea trilobataSeedsVenezuelaSeedsInter Exhib
54606CUCURBITACEAE Fevillea spFruit and seedsFruit and seedsSpruce, RichardSpruce, Richard
54607CUCURBITACEAE Fevillea spFruitFruitSpruce, RichardSpruce, Richard
54610CUCURBITACEAE Fevillea spFruit and seedsSierra LeoneFruit and seedsBorkstadt
54611CUCURBITACEAE Fevillea spSeedsSeedsTriana Dr

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