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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
13229LOGANIACEAE Fagraea berterianaWoodFijiWoodCol. & Ind. Exhib.
13230 LOGANIACEAE Fagraea cordifoliaWoodPhilippinesWoodBM (Nat. Hist.)
13231LOGANIACEAE Fagraea ellipticaWoodMalaysiaWoodSH
13232LOGANIACEAE Fagraea crenulataWoodMalaysiaWoodCarick J
13233LOGANIACEAE Fagraea fastigiataWoodMalaysiaWoodRidley HN
13234LOGANIACEAE Fagraea fragransWoodBurmaWoodConservator of Forests, Rangoon
13235LOGANIACEAE Fagraea fragransWoodMalaysiaWoodRidley HN
13236LOGANIACEAE Fagraea fragransWoodIndiaWoodIndian For. Dept.
13237LOGANIACEAE Fagraea peregrinaWoodIndonesiaWoodScheffer Dr
13238LOGANIACEAE Fagraea fragransWoodThailandWoodRoyal Forest Department, Siam

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