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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
34201 CYPERACEAE Eriophorum angustifoliumPaper made from cotton grass woolPaper made from cotton grass woolLindsay Dr Lauder
34203CYPERACEAE Eriophorum vaginatumPlumose pappusCanadaPlumose pappusMacGregor Sir W
34204CYPERACEAE Eriophorum angustifoliumFlossUnited KingdomFlossBoard of Agriculture
34205 CYPERACEAE Eriophorum polystachionUnited KingdomJ.H.H.
34206CYPERACEAE Eriophorum angustifoliumFlossUnited KingdomFlossUdale Dr, Norwich
34207 CYPERACEAE Eriophorum polystachionIrelandDoneraile Lady
34208CYPERACEAE Eriophorum polystachionCloth made from Cotton Grass & WoolIrelandCloth made from Cotton Grass & WoolDoneraile Lady
34352CYPERACEAE Eriophorum vaginatumDyed and spun yarnDyed and spun yarnCannot G
34354CYPERACEAE Eriophorum vaginatumFabric and Felted MaterialFabric and Felted MaterialCannot GA
34435CYPERACEAE Eriophorum vaginatumCarded FibreCarded FibreCannot GA

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