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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
35640PALMAE Eremospatha cuspidataPortion of SpadixNigerPortion of SpadixDr Baikie's Niger Expedition 1859
35641PALMAE Eremospatha hookeriNigeriaTuley P, Flora of Nigeria
35642PALMAE Eremospatha macrocarpaNigeriaTuley P, Flora of Nigeria
35648PALMAE Eremospatha wendlandianaFruitsNigeriaFruitsOtedoh MO
35650PALMAE Eremospatha macrocarpaFruitsGhanaFruitsJohnson WH
35654PALMAE Eremospatha macrocarpaSeedsCongoSeedsJohnson HH
35664PALMAE Eremospatha wendlandianaNigeriaOtedoh MO
35665PALMAE Eremospatha wendlandianaNigeriaOtedoh MO
38781PALMAE Eremospatha macrocarpaInflorescenceGhanaInflorescenceTuley P
40166PALMAE Eremospatha macrocarpaLeaves and spadixLeaves and spadix

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