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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
31925POACEAE Eragrostis atrovirensSeedSouth AfricaSeedBowker JH
31927POACEAE Eragrostis tefSeedSouth AfricaSeedScriven Bros Messrs & Sons
31930POACEAE Eragrostis tefWhite varietyEthiopiaWhite varietyForeign Office
31931POACEAE Eragrostis tefRed varietyEthiopiaRed varietyForeign Office
31949POACEAE Eragrostis proliferaAngolaMonteiro Mr
31966POACEAE Eragrostis gummifluaSeedSouth AfricaSeedBurtt-Davy J
31970 POACEAE Eragrostis tefZimbabweDirector of Agriculture
34091POACEAE Eragrostis tefInflorescenceSouth AfricaInflorescencePole Evans IB
73614POACEAE Eragrostis tefSeedEthiopiaSeedBidgood S, Melaku
73622POACEAE Eragrostis tefFlat breadEthiopiaFlat breadBidgood S

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