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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
26277PALMAE Elaeis guineensisWoodWoodDr Baikie's Niger Expedition 1859
35550PALMAE Elaeis guineensisFruitsFruits
35551PALMAE Elaeis guineensisSeeds and sectionsNigerSeeds and sectionsBarter C, Dr Baikie's Niger Expedition 1859
35552PALMAE Elaeis guineensisSeedsColombiaSeedsBailey AG Herb Kew
35553PALMAE Elaeis guineensisPalm KernelsGhanaPalm KernelsRayner JH & Co
35554PALMAE Elaeis guineensisFruits of African Oil PalmNigeriaFruits of African Oil PalmColonial Products Exhibition, Nigerian Court
35555PALMAE Elaeis guineensisFruits of Oil PalmSierra LeoneFruits of Oil PalmComm of Lands and ForestsMartin S
35556PALMAE Elaeis guineensisFruits of Henoi Oil PalmSierra LeoneFruits of Henoi Oil PalmComm of Land ForestsMartin S
35557PALMAE Elaeis guineensisFruits of Oil Palm "Cawarra"Sierra LeoneFruits of Oil Palm "Cawarra"Comm of Lands & Forests
35558PALMAE Elaeis guineensisFruits of Oil Palm, Deli varietyIndonesiaFruits of Oil Palm, Deli varietySmart LA

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