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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
10597 CACTACEAE Echinopsis terscheckiiWoodArgentinaWood
11503COMPOSITAE Echinops steudneriWoodEthiopiaWoodMeyer FG
51491COMPOSITAE Echinops persicusSugar encrusted pupa cases of beetlesIraqSugar encrusted pupa cases of beetlesSimonian Prof VH
51492COMPOSITAE Echinops spGum (Keeje)IranGum (Keeje)Loftus WK
51493COMPOSITAE Echinops cornigerusStem & leaf portionsIndiaStem & leaf portionsAitchison Dr
51494COMPOSITAE Echinops spGalls produced by insect on Tucee PlantIranGalls produced by insect on Tucee PlantLoftus WK
51495COMPOSITAE Echinops spGalls or cocoonsGalls or cocoonsIndia Museum
51496COMPOSITAE Echinops spGumIranGumLoftus WK
54448 CACTACEAE Echinopsis pasacanaBase of plantArgentinaBase of plantRenvoize S, Herb KewWilmot-Dear M
69068UMBELLIFERAE Echinops persicusCocoon cases - PERSIAN DRUGSIranCocoon cases - PERSIAN DRUGS

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