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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
54130UMBELLIFERAE Dorema aucheriSeedIranSeedLoftus WK
54131UMBELLIFERAE Dorema ammoniacumGum and seedsAfghanistanGum and seedsDelimitation Comm. Afghanistan 1884-5
54133UMBELLIFERAE Dorema ammoniacumSeeds?IranSeeds?Murdoch Smith Major R
54134UMBELLIFERAE Dorema ammoniacumGumIranGumLoftus WK
54135UMBELLIFERAE Dorema ammoniacumLump of resinLump of resin
54138UMBELLIFERAE Dorema ammoniacumResinIranResinMurdoch Smith Major R
54139UMBELLIFERAE Dorema ammoniacumResinResinBM (Nat Hist)
54140UMBELLIFERAE Dorema ammoniacumGum/ResinAfghanistanGum/ResinDelimitation Commission 1884-5
54141UMBELLIFERAE Dorema ammoniacumResinAfghanistanResinAitchison Surgeon Major JET
54142 UMBELLIFERAE Dorema aucheriGumIranGumBM (Nat Hist)

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