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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
33954POACEAE Dendrocalamus giganteusSheathing base of stemUnited KingdomSheathing base of stemWoodbridge
33955POACEAE Dendrocalamus longispathusSheathsBurmaSheathsBrandis Sir D
33956POACEAE Dendrocalamus hamiltoniiCulm SheathsBurmaCulm SheathsBrandis Sir D
33957POACEAE Dendrocalamus strictusCulmsBurmaCulmsGamble JSMuriel E
33958POACEAE Dendrocalamus strictusCulmBurmaCulmImperial Forest Service
33959POACEAE Dendrocalamus strictusFibreIndiaFibreParis Exhib
33960POACEAE Dendrocalamus giganteusTrinidad and TobagoFreeman WG
33962POACEAE Dendrocalamus strictusCulmTrinidad and TobagoCulmFreeman WG
33963POACEAE Dendrocalamus hamiltoniiCulm, Sheath, and inflorecsenceBangladeshCulm, Sheath, and inflorecsenceGamble JS
34044POACEAE Dendrocalamus hamiltoniiPortion of stem & rootBurmaPortion of stem & rootBrandis Sir DHill M

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