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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
40843RANUNCULACEAE Delphinium staphisagriaSeedsSeeds
40845RANUNCULACEAE Delphinium staphisagriaOil from seedsOil from seedsBurgoyne, Burbidge & Co
41906RANUNCULACEAE Delphinium staphisagriaSeedsSeedsPharm Soc GB
42031RANUNCULACEAE Delphinium spHerbIndiaHerbPharm Soc GB
42046RANUNCULACEAE Delphinium spRootIndiaRootPharm Soc GB
56315RANUNCULACEAE Delphinium staphisagriaSeeds and diagramsSeeds and diagramsPharm Soc GB
76560RANUNCULACEAE Delphinium staphisagriaStavesacre seed oilStavesacre seed oilPharm Soc GB
78313RANUNCULACEAE Delphinium staphisagriaSeedSeedPharm Soc GB
90380RANUNCULACEAE Delphinium staphisagriaStavesacreStavesacreBush Boake AllenBush Boake Allen
90525RANUNCULACEAE Delphinium staphisagriaStavesacre seedsStavesacre seedsBush Boake AllenBush Boake Allen

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