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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
30812CYATHEACEAE Cyathea arboreaSaint Vincent and The GrenadinesMorris D
30813CYATHEACEAE Cyathea arboreaPortion of stemPortion of stem
30814CYATHEACEAE Cyathea dealbataPortion of stem with frondNew ZealandPortion of stem with frondCunningham ACunningham Allan
30815 CYATHEACEAE Cyathea dealbataPortion of stemNew ZealandPortion of stemCunningham ACunningham Allan
30816 CYATHEACEAE Cyathea dealbataPortion of stemNew ZealandPortion of stem
30817CYATHEACEAE Cyathea dealbataStemNew ZealandStemLyall Dr
30818CYATHEACEAE Cyathea furfuraceaStem of tree fernJamaicaStem of tree fernBotanical Dept. Jamaica
30819 CYATHEACEAE Cyathea leucolepisPortion of trunkPortion of trunkHooker Sir W
30820 CYATHEACEAE Cyathea leucolepisLower part of trunkSamoaLower part of trunkPowell Rev T
30821 CYATHEACEAE Cyathea nockiiEntire plantJamaicaEntire plantJenman GS

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