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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
29805AMARYLLIDACEAE Crinum asiaticumSliced bulbsIndiaSliced bulbsIndia Museum
29806AMARYLLIDACEAE Crinum spStarchJamaicaStarchFayden Dr M
36640AMARYLLIDACEAE Crinum asiaticumBulbBulbPharm Soc GB
36805 LILIACEAE Cardiocrinum giganteumFlower stemFlower stemNoble C
36807 LILIACEAE Cardiocrinum giganteumFruit and seedsBhutanFruit and seedsGriffith Herb. (Dr Griffith's Collection)
37062AMARYLLIDACEAE Crinum zeylanicumBulbSri LankaBulbPharm Soc GB
37103AMARYLLIDACEAE Crinum latifoliumBulbIndiaBulbPharm Soc GB
68396AMARYLLIDACEAE Crinum asiaticumSeedSolomon IslandsSeedGuppy Dr HB
96874AMARYLLIDACEAE Crinum jagusOzu (sores)GhanaOzu (sores)Harrod Materia Medica CollectionTamakloe, V.

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