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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
484MENISPERMACEAE Coscinium fenestratumWoodMalaysiaWoodSANForman L Herb. Kew
486MENISPERMACEAE Coscinium peltatumWoodWoodSANMeijer W
970MENISPERMACEAE Coscinium fenestratumWoodWoodGrove WB
19698MENISPERMACEAE Coscinium fenestratumWoodMalaysiaWoodSANForman LL
19699MENISPERMACEAE Coscinium fenestratumWoodMalaysiaWoodWeber JF
38503MENISPERMACEAE Coscinium fenestratumWoodMalaysiaWoodPhytochem Survey of Malaya HerbT & P
41104MENISPERMACEAE Coscinium fenestratumFruitsSri LankaFruitsThwaites GHK
41105MENISPERMACEAE Coscinium fenestratumStemIndiaStemHRH The Prince of Wales
41106MENISPERMACEAE Coscinium fenestratumStemsIndiaStemsIndia Museum
41107MENISPERMACEAE Coscinium fenestratumStemIndiaStemIndia Museum

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