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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
39100TILIACEAE Corchorus olitoriusSeedSeedIndia Museum
39101TILIACEAE Corchorus olitoriusSeedSeed
39102TILIACEAE Corchorus olitoriusSeedCubaSeed
39103TILIACEAE Corchorus olitoriusSeedSeedHort Bot Coimbra
64750TILIACEAE Corchorus capsularisJute fibre (Dyed)Jute fibre (Dyed)Morris V
64751TILIACEAE Corchorus capsularisSeedsChinaSeedsHosie Alex
64752TILIACEAE Corchorus capsularisLeavesIndiaLeavesIndia Museum
64753TILIACEAE Corchorus capsularisCoarse Jute FibreTaiwanCoarse Jute FibreJapan-British Exhib
64754TILIACEAE Corchorus capsularisPortion of a Gunny-bagIndiaPortion of a Gunny-bagGourlie W
64755TILIACEAE Corchorus capsularisPaper stockPaper stockRoutledge Thos

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