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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
13476 CONVOLVULACEAE Convolvulus scopariusWoodSpainWoodWebb PB
48585CONVOLVULACEAE Convolvulus arvensisFruitsUnited KingdomFruitsBromfield Dr
48588CONVOLVULACEAE Convolvulus hystrixPlantSomaliaPlantImperial Institute
48590CONVOLVULACEAE Convolvulus scammoniaCake of scammonyCake of scammonyMenier & Co, Paris
48591CONVOLVULACEAE Convolvulus scammoniaCake of gum scammonyCake of gum scammonyBell J & Co
48592 CONVOLVULACEAE Convolvulus prostratusTwigsTwigsForestry Exhibition, Edinburgh
48593CONVOLVULACEAE Convolvulus scammoniaScammonyPakistanScammonyIndia Museum, Materia Medica
48594 CONVOLVULACEAE Convolvulus scammoniaGum scammonyGum scammonyBell J & Co
48595CONVOLVULACEAE Convolvulus scammoniaResin - scammonyResin - scammonyBell J & Co
48596CONVOLVULACEAE Convolvulus scopariusOil of rhodiumOil of rhodium

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