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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
34529ARACEAE Colocasia esculentaWhite Coco BiscuitsJamaicaWhite Coco BiscuitsChitty E
34530ARACEAE Colocasia esculentaDuke Coco biscuitsJamaicaDuke Coco biscuitsWharton Rev Thomas
34531ARACEAE Colocasia esculentaWhite Coco ZuaquaJamaicaWhite Coco ZuaquaChitty E
34532ARACEAE Colocasia esculentaRed Coco biscuitsJamaicaRed Coco biscuitsChitty E
34534ARACEAE Colocasia esculentaTuberIndiaTuberForestry Exhib. Edinburgh
34535 ARACEAE Colocasia esculentaDry stems of taroJapanDry stems of taroInter. Exhib. 1873 (from Japanese Commis.)
34540ARACEAE Colocasia esculentaFibreMauritiusFibreDuncan, Botanic Garden, Mauritius
34542ARACEAE Colocasia esculentaTubers of TaroPapua New GuineaTubers of TaroChallenger HMS
34544ARACEAE Colocasia esculentaMealJamaicaMealChitty E
34545ARACEAE Colocasia esculentaStarchJamaicaStarchChitty E

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