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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
13017APOCYNACEAE Clitandra gentiliiWoodCongoWoodToogman MYD
13018APOCYNACEAE Clitandra schweinfurthiiWoodSudanWoodBrown H
49606 APOCYNACEAE Chamaeclitandra henriquesianaSeedsZambiaSeedsCockerell FP
49607 APOCYNACEAE Chamaeclitandra henriquesianaRubberRubberNorman J
49608 APOCYNACEAE Chamaeclitandra henriquesianaRoot RubberRoot RubberGell PL
49609 APOCYNACEAE Chamaeclitandra henriquesianaBark and Rubber SampleBark and Rubber SampleLyttelton Gell P
49610 APOCYNACEAE Chamaeclitandra henriquesianaRubberRubberHecht, Levis & Kahn
49611 APOCYNACEAE Chamaeclitandra henriquesianaSecond stage in collecting rubberSecond stage in collecting rubberGell PL
49612 APOCYNACEAE Chamaeclitandra henriquesianaRoot RubberAngolaRoot RubberHecht, Levis & Kahn
49618 APOCYNACEAE Clitandra cymulosaVine RubberUgandaVine RubberInternational Rubber Exhib

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