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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
40827RANUNCULACEAE Cimicifuga racemosaBarkUnited StatesBarkUnited Society, South Groton
40828RANUNCULACEAE Cimicifuga foetidaRootsJapanRootsWoolley WA
40829RANUNCULACEAE Cimicifuga racemosaRootUnited StatesRootProcter Prof W
41927RANUNCULACEAE Cimicifuga racemosaRootUnited StatesRootPharm Soc GBPhiladelphia Coll Pharm
41936RANUNCULACEAE Cimicifuga racemosaRhizomeUnited StatesRhizomePharm Soc GBRusby HH
41957RANUNCULACEAE Cimicifuga foetidaRootRootPharm Soc GB
41961RANUNCULACEAE Cimicifuga simplexRhizomeJapanRhizomePharm Soc GB
56393 RANUNCULACEAE Cimicifuga racemosaRoots of Cimicifuga and Helleborus spRoots of Cimicifuga and Helleborus spPharm Soc GB

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