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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
26251 PALMAE Ceroxylon alpinumWoodWoodPurdie W
35263 PALMAE Ceroxylon alpinumWax from Columbian Wax PalmColombiaWax from Columbian Wax PalmChiswick Products Ltd
35264 PALMAE Ceroxylon alpinumPalm waxAntigua and BarbudaPalm waxJervis WR
35275PALMAE Ceroxylon alpinumCandles of palm waxAntigua and BarbudaCandles of palm waxJervis WR
35277 PALMAE Ceroxylon alpinumSeedsColombiaSeedsWhite RB
35278 PALMAE Ceroxylon alpinumPalm wax mixed with tallowAntigua and BarbudaPalm wax mixed with tallowJervis WR
35279 PALMAE Ceroxylon alpinumSeeds of Wax PalmSeeds of Wax Palm
35280 PALMAE Ceroxylon alpinumFruits of wax palmFruits of wax palmDawe MT
35296PALMAE Ceroxylon andicolaWax from stemsWax from stemsPharm Soc GBPereira Dr
35320 PALMAE Ceroxylon alpinumWax Powder from TrunkColombiaWax Powder from TrunkCreed FO & Co. East Croydon

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