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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
10593 CACTACEAE Pilosocereus pachycladusWoodBrazilWoodRBG Kew
10594CACTACEAE Cereus jamacaruWoodBrazilWoodRBG Kew
10595 CACTACEAE Cereus hildmannianusWoodPortugalWoodJmau Xiloteca
10596CACTACEAE Cereus repandusWoodJamaicaWoodMarch
10599 CACTACEAE Leptocereus paniculatusWoodHaitiWood
22279CACTACEAE Rauhocereus riosaniensisWoodPeruWoodHutchison PC
24803 CACTACEAE Cereus hankeanusWoodUnited KingdomWoodSherman Hoyt
54345CACTACEAE Cephalocereus senilisOxalate of limeOxalate of lime
54350CACTACEAE Cephalocereus senilisSection of StemSection of StemChoules A
54351CACTACEAE Cephalocereus senilisSection of stemSection of stemChoules A

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