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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
34192 CYPERACEAE Carex laevirostrisHat made from culmsJapanHat made from culmsVeitch JH
34193CYPERACEAE Carex brizoidesMat made from sedgeSwitzerlandMat made from sedgePrior Dr Alexander
34194CYPERACEAE Carex spTwisted CulmsUnited StatesTwisted CulmsParis Exhib, USA Agric Section
34195 CYPERACEAE Carex laevirostrisCulmsJapanCulmsVeitch JH
34196 CYPERACEAE Carex laevirostrisTable MatJapanTable MatBy Purchase in Hammersmith
34197CYPERACEAE Carex spBrushCanadaBrushBourgeau M, NW American Exped
34198CYPERACEAE Carex paniculataHassockUnited KingdomHassockBorrer W
34199 CYPERACEAE Carex leporinaSwitzerlandThiselton Dyer Sir WT
34211CYPERACEAE Carex paniculataTufts of rootsUnited KingdomTufts of rootsGunn Rev John
34212CYPERACEAE Carex nubigenaIndiaAitchison Dr JET CIE

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