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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
39685CANNABACEAE Cannabis sativaSeedSeed
39686CANNABACEAE Cannabis sativaSeedSeedMcQueen John Ltd, Glasgow
43402CANNABACEAE Cannabis sativaFibre and skins of hempFibre and skins of hempIde & Christie Messrs
43406CANNABACEAE Cannabis sativaSeed of hempChinaSeed of hempJapan-British Exhibition 1910
43407CANNABACEAE Cannabis sativaBroken leaves of hempIndiaBroken leaves of hempAitchison Dr
43408CANNABACEAE Cannabis sativaSeeds of hempChinaSeeds of hempBickford TL
43409CANNABACEAE Cannabis sativaHemp seedHemp seedMcQueen John Ltd, Glasgow
43412CANNABACEAE Cannabis sativaHempSpainHempGreat Exhibition 1851
43413CANNABACEAE Cannabis sativaRope as used in KashmirIndiaRope as used in KashmirAitchison Dr
43414CANNABACEAE Cannabis sativaHalf stuffIndiaHalf stuffIndia Museum

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