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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
16643MORACEAE Broussonetia kazinokiiWoodJapanWoodOldham R
16644MORACEAE Broussonetia papyriferaWoodIndiaWoodGamble JS
16645MORACEAE Broussonetia papyriferaWoodIndiaWoodGamble JS
16646MORACEAE Broussonetia papyriferaWoodItalyWoodGreat Exhib. 1851
16647MORACEAE Broussonetia papyriferaWoodItalyWoodGreat Exhib. 1851
24231MORACEAE Broussonetia papyriferaWoodIndiaWoodGamble JS (Gamble Man)
39971 MORACEAE Broussonetia papyriferaPaper made from the barkJapanPaper made from the barkSouth Kensington MuseumParkes, Sir Harry S
39983MORACEAE Broussonetia sp.Painting on woodJapanPainting on wood
42107MORACEAE Broussonetia papyriferaSeedSeedPharm Soc GB
42842MORACEAE Broussonetia papyriferaDyed barkFijiDyed barkWilliam Grant Milne, HMS HeraldWilliam Milne

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