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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
10630ARALIACEAE Arthrophyllum diversifoliumWoodSingaporeWoodRidley HN
10631ARALIACEAE Arthrophyllum diversifoliumWoodSingaporeWoodChipp Major JF
10633ARALIACEAE Arthrophyllum ovalifoliumWoodMalaysiaWoodHerb. Kew
22289ARALIACEAE Arthrophyllum diversifoliumWoodMalaysiaWoodPhyt. Chem. Surv. Malay. Herb.
74475ARALIACEAE Arthrophyllum diversifoliumwood & barkBruneiwood & barkDr Ken Ogata
91144ARALIACEAE Arthrophyllum diversifoliumWood and barkBruneiWood and barkCoode MJECoode MJE
98438ARALIACEAE Arthrophyllum ahernianumWood & barkPhilippinesWood & barkPodzorski, A.C.Podzorski, A.C.
98443ARALIACEAE Arthrophyllum pulgarenseWood & barkPhilippinesWood & barkPodzorski, A.C.Podzorski, A.C.

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