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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
24865BIGNONIACEAE Arrabidaea spWoodBrazilWoodHunt D, Herb. Kew
46458 BIGNONIACEAE Arrabidaea chicaDye from leavesDye from leavesAppun CF
46459BIGNONIACEAE Arrabidaea chicaDye from leavesGuyanaDye from leavesThurn Everard F im
46461 BIGNONIACEAE Arrabidaea chicaLeavesColombiaLeavesDawe MT
46464 BIGNONIACEAE Arrabidaea obovataFruits and seedsFruits and seeds
46465 BIGNONIACEAE Arrabidaea chicaLeaves, Fruits and TwigsColombiaLeaves, Fruits and TwigsDawe MT
46467 BIGNONIACEAE Arrabidaea chicaLeavesGuyanaLeavesThurn EF im
46468BIGNONIACEAE Arrabidaea chicaBarkGuyanaBarkim Thurn EF
46473 BIGNONIACEAE Arrabidaea chicaLeavesLeavesAppun CF
72945BIGNONIACEAE Arrabidaea chicaRootUnited StatesRootFisher Jack, Ewers Frank, Gasson Peter, Curtis A

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