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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
26390STRELITZIACEAE Ravenala madagascariensisWoodSouth AfricaWoodInternational Exhib. 1862
26915POACEAE Avena nudaSeedEgyptSeedWM Flinders PetrieFlinders Petrie W
29649STRELITZIACEAE Ravenala madagascariensisFruit of Travellers TreeMadagascarFruit of Travellers TreeEllis Rev M
29650STRELITZIACEAE Ravenala madagascariensisFruit of Travellers TreeTrinidad and TobagoFruit of Travellers TreeHart JH
31617POACEAE Avena sativaSeedUnited KingdomSeedKing John K & Sons
31618POACEAE Avena sativaSeedUnited KingdomSeedKing John K & Sons Ltd.
31619POACEAE Avena sativaSeedSeed
31620POACEAE Avena sativaSeedSeed
31621POACEAE Avena sativaSeedSeed
31622POACEAE Avena sativaSeedSeed

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