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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
31596POACEAE Arundo mauritanicaRope made of DissItalyRope made of DissYeates Brown M, HM Consul, Genoa
31597POACEAE Arundo mauritanicaNet or 'Tonara'ItalyNet or 'Tonara'Grove H
31607POACEAE Arundo donaxBasket of Provence ReedPortugalBasket of Provence ReedLowe Rev
31608POACEAE Arundo donaxRoots of Provence ReedFranceRoots of Provence ReedMenier & Co.
31609POACEAE Arundo donaxStemFranceStemMoggridge M
31610POACEAE Arundo donaxRoseau caneFranceRoseau caneRose Alexander, 7 St Marys Ave, Harrogate
31718POACEAE Arundo donaxPensMoroccoPensMaw George
31719POACEAE Arundo donaxFibreFibreVictoria Comm Inter Exhib
31726POACEAE Arundo donaxFibreFibreVictoria Comm Inter Exhib
34002POACEAE Arundo donaxPharm Soc GB

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