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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
11493COMPOSITAE Melanodendron integrifoliumWoodSt. HelenaWoodMelliss JC
11494COMPOSITAE Melanodendron integrifoliumWoodSt. HelenaWoodMelliss JC
22925APOCYNACEAE Anodendron spWoodMalaysiaWoodJacobs M, Leiden
22943APOCYNACEAE Anodendron tenuiflorumWoodWoodWood GHS
22944APOCYNACEAE Anodendron tenuiflorumWoodWoodWood GHS
49496APOCYNACEAE Anodendron paniculatum4 Pig arrowsIndia4 Pig arrowsVaux P
49534APOCYNACEAE Anodendron paniculatumFishing Line & hookSri LankaFishing Line & hookThwaites GHK
49536APOCYNACEAE Anodendron oblongifoliumFishing net of fibre with shellsSolomon IslandsFishing net of fibre with shellsComins Rev RB
49538APOCYNACEAE Anodendron paniculatumPortions of stemsSri LankaPortions of stemsVienna Exhibition 1873
49539APOCYNACEAE Anodendron oblongifoliumStem & FibreSolomon IslandsStem & FibreComins Rev RB

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