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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
31614POACEAE Ammophila arenariaSeedUnited KingdomSeed
31690 POACEAE Ammophila arenariaInflorescenceInflorescenceSutton & Sons
31691POACEAE Ammophila arenariaShoesUnited KingdomShoes
31692 POACEAE Ammophila arenariaBasketUnited KingdomBasketHooker Lady
31693 POACEAE Ammophila arenariaHassockUnited KingdomHassockRylands John
31694 POACEAE Ammophila arenariaBroomUnited KingdomBroomTurner Dawson
31695 POACEAE Ammophila arenariaCreeping RhizomesUnited KingdomCreeping RhizomesOliver Prof
31696 POACEAE Ammophila arenariaMatUnited KingdomMatBerkeley Rev MJ
31717 POACEAE Ammophila arenariaPaper pulp - bleached and unbleachedPaper pulp - bleached and unbleachedBeadle Clayton
38770 POACEAE Ammophila arenariaUnited Kingdom

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