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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
38635 CUCURBITACEAE Alsomitra macrocarpaWinged seedsWinged seedsMurray GH, Rabdul, Territory of New Guinea
39969CUCURBITACEAE Alsomitra macrocarpaSeedsSeeds
40080CUCURBITACEAE Nothoalsomitra suberosaWoodAustraliaWoodHerbarium, Canberra Bot Gdn, Flora of Aus.Telford IR
54459CUCURBITACEAE Alsomitra sarcophyllaFruits and seedsThailandFruits and seedsLempriere Dr
54460CUCURBITACEAE Alsomitra macrocarpaSeedsIndonesiaSeedsRBG, Java
54461CUCURBITACEAE Alsomitra macrocarpaSeedsAustraliaSeedsBotanic Gardens, Brisbane
54462CUCURBITACEAE Alsomitra macrocarpaWinged seedsIndonesiaWinged seedsBotanic Garden, Bogor, Indonesia
54463CUCURBITACEAE Alsomitra macrocarpaSeedsIndonesiaSeedsBenendijk M (Per D Hanbury)
54465 CUCURBITACEAE Alsomitra macrocarpaFruitIndonesiaFruitBogor Botanic Gardens, Java
54466CUCURBITACEAE Alsomitra macrocarpaFruitMalaysiaFruitBamborough MW in HMB

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