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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
39020 LARDIZABALACEAE Akebia lobataSeedsSeeds
39021LARDIZABALACEAE Akebia quinataSeedsSeeds
41179LARDIZABALACEAE Akebia spMat or Stand made of the stemJapanMat or Stand made of the stemBullock TL
41180LARDIZABALACEAE Akebia quinataSliced StemsChinaSliced StemsBickford TL
41181LARDIZABALACEAE Akebia quinataSliced sections of StemSliced sections of Stem
41182LARDIZABALACEAE Akebia quinataStemsChinaStemsBickford TL
41183 LARDIZABALACEAE Akebia trifoliataFruitUnited KingdomFruitBurbidge FW
41185 LARDIZABALACEAE Akebia trifoliataFruitChinaFruitHenry A
41186 LARDIZABALACEAE Akebia trifoliataFruitUnited KingdomFruitBaker HC
67490LARDIZABALACEAE Akebia quinataWoodJapanWoodPharm Soc GB

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