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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
1436ACTINIDIACEAE Actinidia callosaWoodJapanWoodCraig-Christie A
39085ACTINIDIACEAE Actinidia chinensisSeedSeedKew
39086ACTINIDIACEAE Actinidia chinensisSeedsSeeds
66498ACTINIDIACEAE Actinidia chinensisFruitsNew ZealandFruits
66499ACTINIDIACEAE Actinidia callosaFruitsChinaFruitsHenry dr A
66500ACTINIDIACEAE Actinidia chinensisFruitsChinaFruitsWilson EH
66509ACTINIDIACEAE Actinidia callosaSection of StemJapanSection of StemHolme C
66510ACTINIDIACEAE Actinidia callosaCigarette HolderJapanCigarette HolderBullock TL
100386 ACTINIDIACEAE Actinidia chinensisSYLK, Natural Intimate MoisturiserUnited KingdomSYLK, Natural Intimate MoisturiserTurner, Jill

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