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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
40763RANUNCULACEAE Aconitum spicatumRootstocksIndiaRootstocksCol & Ind Exhib
40764RANUNCULACEAE Aconitum spRootsHungaryRootsImp Inst
40765RANUNCULACEAE Aconitum napellusRootRoot
40766RANUNCULACEAE Aconitum napellusRootUnited KingdomRoot
40767RANUNCULACEAE Aconitum chasmanthumRootsPakistanRootsDuthie JFMonro AV
40768RANUNCULACEAE Aconitum spicatumRootIndiaRootDeputy Conservator of Forests Darjeeling
40769 RANUNCULACEAE Aconitum spicatumRootsRoots
40770 RANUNCULACEAE Aconitum fischeriRootsChinaRootsBickford TL
40771RANUNCULACEAE Aconitum chasmanthumRootsIndiaRootsImp Inst
40772RANUNCULACEAE Aconitum chasmanthumRootsIndiaRootsImp Inst

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