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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
27125 WELWITSCHIACEAE Welwitschia bainesiiPollenPollen
27126WELWITSCHIACEAE Welwitschia bainesiiConesConesBryant EG, Box 11, Prieska, South Africa
27127WELWITSCHIACEAE Welwitschia bainesiiCones and scalesCones and scalesMonteiro JJ
27128WELWITSCHIACEAE Welwitschia No label on jarNo label on jar
27129 WELWITSCHIACEAE Welwitschia bainesiiCones and scalesCones and scalesBaines T
27130 WELWITSCHIACEAE Welwitschia bainesiiCones and scalesNamibiaCones and scalesChapman J
27131WELWITSCHIACEAE Welwitschia bainesiiFlowers and young conesFlowers and young conesMonteiro JJ
27132WELWITSCHIACEAE Welwitschia bainesiiSection of stemSection of stemBarkly Sir H
27133WELWITSCHIACEAE Welwitschia bainesiiYoung plantYoung plantMonteiro JJ
27135WELWITSCHIACEAE Welwitschia bainesiiConesConesMonteiro JJ

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