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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
1UMBELLIFERAE Ammi visnagaRays of fruiting umbel for toothpicks.EgyptRays of fruiting umbel for toothpicks.Wickens GEWickens GE
10605UMBELLIFERAE Ferula kareliniWoodWoodBM (Nat. Hist.)
10606UMBELLIFERAE Heteromorpha arborescensWoodTanzaniaWoodBM (Nat. Hist.)Volkens G
10607UMBELLIFERAE Olivieria americanaWoodWoodBM (Nat. Hist.)
10608UMBELLIFERAE Peucedan fraxinifoliumWoodWoodWelwitsch Dr
10609UMBELLIFERAE Nirarthamnos asarifoliusWoodYemenWoodHerb. KewSmith AR, Lavranos J
10610UMBELLIFERAE Nirarathamnos asarifoliusWoodYemenWoodHerb. KewSmith AR, Lavranos J
10611UMBELLIFERAE Steganotaenia araliaceaWoodNigeriaWoodHerb. KewMeikle RD
10612UMBELLIFERAE Steganotaenia araliaceaeWoodEthiopiaWoodHerb. KewMeyer FG
10741UMBELLIFERAE Arracacia atropurpureaWoodMexicoWoodHerbarium, University of WisconsinIltis H, Iltis F, Koeppen R

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